This page is for Tech Tips on various modifications or problem fixes.   If you have any tips or tricks for any model of Magna, Verada or Diamante please e-mail me and I will post them here.  Likewise if you are aware of anywhere parts or services can be purchased for our cars please also e-mail me so I can post these on the links page.

Model Non Specific Tips
Cleaning Exterior Cleaning Interior Engine Bay Cleaning....and keeping it clean
Conversion Formulas Cleaning Throttle Body Removing Induction Resonator Boxes


Cup Holder Install   ECS (Electronic Controlled Suspension) Verada   Audio Cabling and Installation
Lowering Front Suspension   Lowering Rear Suspension   Diagnostic Codes
Diamante Headlight Conversion   Replacing Lower Control Arm Bushes V6    


TE - Current (KE - Current)

All and any information contained here is purely for reference and no liability for any loss, damage or injury can or will be held to any person involved in submitting any material in this or any attached pages.  At all times, it is up to any person or persons following any instructions contained herein to follow any safety  precautions.  It is also up to any person or persons to ensure they have the correct tooling and skill to carry out these repairs.  As always in unsure get someone who knows to do the job.

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