Welcome to the Magna, Verada, Diamante, Lancer and all other Mitsubishi pages.

The aim of these pages is to show you  ideas for the Mitsubishi series of cars from old to new. There are Tech pages, Gallery pages, a Forum and Links page.  Cruisin' has details of past and future cruises for owners of Melbourne based Mitsubishi's as well as info for anyone perhaps planning a stay in Melbourne.

The menu to the left is for quick navigation.  For more detailed links around our site the Directory will take you to other more detailed areas within the site and the links page will take you to other Magna and Mitsubishi related web sites and other sites of interest to do with motoring.  If anyone would like to submit their car or perhaps an idea or suggestion please feel free e-mail  to me at anytime.  Any ideas on improvements or changes for this site are always cheerfully welcomed.

Although this has started off as a primarily Magna and Verada site I have decided to expand it to all Mitsubishi's.  Unlike a lot of other web sites that will cover one particular model this site aims to try and cover all models of Mitsubishi weather it be a Mirage or a Pajero.  As I own a Verada (Magna) I will be relying on others to provide tech tip sheets on the other Mitsubishi's out there so please feel free to add you thoughts and pics via e-mail.  Many Many pics wanted of all Mitsubishi's old and new :)



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