This section is where you will find links to various sites not only to do with general motoring but with "car stuff" in general.  If there are any other sites you know of  regarding Mitsubishi's or modifications please let me know.  At the bottom of this page you will find quick links to most places within this site.

Mals Web Pages

This link will take you to my personal web pages.


This link will take you to my hobby page, buying, selling and repairing PC's

Magna Related Sites


This is the original Magna owners group site.  You will find everything here including a great Forum, Gallery and many other tech tips etc.


This is another good site for information and ideas.


Another Magna owners site

GaMiSou's Magna Site

This site has a great mIRC script available to download as well as a comprehensive gallery.

Melbourne Car Cruise Registry (Melbccr)

This is the Melbourne Car Cruise Registry.  Although not Magna specific it is a great site for general info and also to find out when and where the next cruise will be.

Diamante Forums

This is the US Diamante Forum.  Some interesting stuff to be seen in here.

Magna Parts Directory

Ozeparts These guys mainly seem to sell replacement parts such as lights, panels and bumpers.  I have not yet had a real good look at their site but at the same time I have only heard good reports about this company.



Tech and Sites of Interest

Fastmagna Forums A great forum with people from all over posting information on Mods, Problems, I.C.E. and various topics.
Redbook Find out what your car is really worth.
Vehicle Standards Information This is the Vic Roads Vehicle standards area.  Although you may have to hunt around a bit it is up to date and will tell you what you can and can't do.



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