Welcome to the gallery.  Here you will find pics of various Lancers, Mirages, Magna's, Verada's, Diamante's and almost anything else Mitsubishi.  If you have a car you would like to post here just e-mail me.  Again unlike other sites I do not expect your car to be highly modified.  If you have a neat car or you have some pics you have made feel free to mail them to me.  Please supply as many details and possible and send all pics  640x480 so I can resize them and keep them all constant throughout the gallery.  Please note that all pics are copyright to or to other people who have given us permission to use them here.  If you wish to use any of these pics please e-mail me and I will let you know whom you have to contact for permission.

Ash's TF Magna Concept Cars Motor Show The Bigman Podrcr Mals KR V6xi Verada Nicks Sports
Green Eyed Magna Marks TF Boot Installs Polish Sigma AWD Magna Ideas??? Killbilly
Lethal's TR Indonesian Galant Sean's KE Verada Richards Magna Ronnie's
The HKWay Tragedy Pomejoe

Liquid hot magna Choonga Dougs Cars Mal's TF      


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