Replacing Rear Suspension TR/S KR/S

If your car has ECS please first refer to the section on ECS suspension.

What you will need
A Good set of Jack stands.
A good Jack
Usual hand tools including 12mm, 2 x 17mm and 14mm spanners.
A good set of spring compressors.  If you can not get a good set of spring compressors you may wish to take your car to somewhere like Pedders or just remove the struts and take them in for the spring replacement.  Magna springs are under amazing tension so be damn careful.

What to do:

Removing the struts.

  1. Before you lift the car, remove the side boot trims then grab a socket and "crack" the top nut for the struts located under the rubber caps.  Do not undo these more than say 1 turn.  This will help later when it is time to remove these nuts.

  2. Jack rear of car and support with stands.  Make sure as always that you have the car in park or gear if manual trans and the car is on level ground and front wheels are chocked.

  3. Remove rear wheels.

  4. For ABS models there may be a wire to remove for the Wheel Speed Sensor.

  5. Using 2 17mm spanners (or socket) remove the 1 bolts holding the lower part of the strut.

  6. Using a 14mm spanner remove the 2 retaining bolts in the boot, be careful not to drop the strut when the last one is undone.

Springs and Shocks.

Now you have both struts out, if you are only replacing the springs you will need to keep your existing shocks and the top retaining plate.

If you are replacing both shock and spring you only need keep the top retaining plate.

Spring / shock replacement

Now comes the hard and possibly dangerous part.  AGAIN IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT YOU ARE DOING TAKE IT TO SOMEONE WHO IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secure the strut in a vice, do not use too much pressure or you will damage the tube.  Use some timber to insulate the tube from the vice Jaws.  Under no circumstance should you attempt to grip the shaft with a vice or vice grips as even the smallest mark will destroy the shock.

Get your spring compressors, attach them evenly around the struts.  DO NOT USE A RATTLE GUN as it will cause the compressors to slip and WILL cause serious injury.  Slowly and evenly do up the compressors until the spring seal has lifted from the strut.  Now once you are sure the spring is loose undo the nut that you "cracked" before in the strut top.  Once the spring is off the strut immediately remove the compressors evenly to help avoid the spring being dropped and the compressors flying off.

Whether you are using new shocks or the old ones reassembly is the exact reverse of disassembly paying particular note to the position of the top spring plate ensuring that the 2 studs are lined up for reinstallation into the car.  Again once the car is on the ground check the top shaft nut is tight.

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