Replacing Lower Control Arm bushes on TR/S KR/S V6 Models


On the V6 of the above mentioned models the lower control arm bushes differ between the 4cyl and the V6.  The V6 has a large round bush, about 70mm across at the rear of the arm.  There is the standard smaller bush at the front and behind the larger one at the rear there is a small bush sitting flat against the sub frame.  While it is rare that you will need to ever replace the bush on the sub frame our poor cars are getting a bit older now and more than likely are clocking up a few miles.

The Bushes

There are a couple of options as far as the bushes themselves go. 

The first option is to go to Mitsubishi and get the genuine ones.  Although expensive, about $150.00 per bush, this is by far the best option.  The only catch is that if you are replacing the front bushes (the smaller ones) you will need to buy the entire control arm.  There is not much use just replacing the rear ones.

The second option is to go somewhere like Pedders and get some Urethane ones which is what I did.  These cost me about $200.00 for all the required bushes.  The larger one comes complete with an outer metal sleeve to press into the bracket.  As I no longer have a press I got Pedders to press the bushes into the brackets after I had taken them out.  Urethane can tend to squeak after a while so to solve this I have drilled a small hole through the bracket, sleeve and Urethane.  I did this with the centre tube removed so as not to drill it as well.  If my bushes do get a bit dry I simply need to grease them again.  NOTE: always use a graphite grease in these bushes.

While you have the lower control arms out you may as well spend another 20 bucks and replace the sway bar bushes at the same time.  This is made very easy while the lower control arms are out.  These bars come in either 20mm or 23mm.  Most V6 models have the 23mm.


Once you have all the required bushes etc actually installing them is fairly easy.

You will require the usual, Jack stands, Good jack and other normal hand tools.  For ease we will talk about the right side of the car, the left is exactly the same owever where I tell you to turn the hub one way do oppersite for the left.

  1. Raise the front of the car and support with the Jack stands.

  2. Remove front wheels.

  3. Rotate the steering to full right lock.  Remove the nut (19mm) holding the ball joint to the knuckle.  At this point you may decide to remove the knuckle from the strut for ease but remember you will have to remove the Axle and Brake Callipers to do it this way.

  4. Using 2 14mm spanners remove the link for the swaybar.

  5. Using a good hammer FIRMLY hit the side of the knuckle where the lower ball joint taper goes through.  This will help to loosen the taper and remove the joint.  Avoid using forks or joint removers as most of these will damage the boot.  Also be careful not to hit the lower control arm or any other components.

  6. Under the front inner of the arm you will notice a 17mm nut.  About halfway down the arm you will see a 17mm bold head.  Using 2 spanners remove this nut and slide back the bolt until it is clear of the bush.  You will not be able to totally remove the bolt with the arm in place.

  7. Under the back of the arm you will see 2 14mm nuts, remove both of these.  You will also notice 2 17mm bolts.  One seems to go through a small bush (about an inch and a half in diameter) and the other holds the bracket itself on.  The first one is friggin tight so make sure you have a good breaker bar on hand.  It is held in with locktite so make sure you have some ready when you reassemble the arm.

  8. Now remove the last bolt and the arm should come out freely now.  (Don't drop the bloody thing on your head LOL)

  9. Using a 22mm socket remove the nut holding the large bush bracket on.

  10. As I said above, get someone to press out and press in the larger bushes if you do not have a press.

  11. The smaller bushes at the front are easy.  Get a drill, about 5 mm, and drill some of the rubber out being careful not to damage the arm it self.  Hold the arm, ball joint end up, on a piece of timber so itis level.  Using a suitable punch you will be able to hammer the smaller bushes out.  The new bushes come in 2 parts so they are very easy to install.


Points for reassembly

  1. If using genuine rubber bushes, only fully tighten the Bush to chassis bolts with weight on the wheels or you will cause the bushes to twist when the car has weight on it.

  2. If using Urethane make sure you put plenty of grease on the new bushes and also make sure it is the proper graphite grease that should have been supplied with the new bushes.

  3. Make sure you loctite the long bolts that you took out from the rear bushes.

  4. The large bush brackets are directional, take note which way they came off the arm before you take them off.

  5. make 100% sure ALL bolts are tight again as there are no second chances with steering.

  6. ALWAYS get a wheel alignment after any suspension work.


Madmagna : Thursday, 21. August 2003 16:55:54