As I did not fit these there are no real definite instructions at this time.  It is more or less just a matter of unbolting the old and on with the new.

As with all exhaust work, make sure the system is cold first not only so you do not burn yourself but also to help ensure that the studs and nuts are not expanded with heat and will come off ok.

This is what Nick has had to say about his set.
"Well, got my extractors with HPC coating fitted and here are my thoughts.
The increase in Torque was very notable. Haven't pushed the car yet as I want the extractors to run in first. The major improvement on the torque is good. If you got the K and N filter installed, the suction of the air has changed as well, my filter now sounds like a Blow Off Valve... very much like PodRcr's car... The exhaust note has changed slightly to a more aggressive note. One thing to take note of is that the extractors are gold when it cold, then it changes to a reddish colour when it is warm and blue when it is hot... COOL EH?
If u are intending to buy a set, there are some issues which are of concern, mainly on the installation part. If you got any queries, drop a message here so I can reply to you about it. Other than that, the extractors are GREAT!!!"

So as you can see nick is more than happy.  I believe the issue was to do with the rest of the exhaust being pushed back slightly.  This may be something to do with the fact he has a Magna Sports.

The New System.  Check out the high flow cat with this system, I do not think it comes with all extractors though

Compare the old manifold to the new extractors.  Would be nice if the heat shield could still be used though.  If you notice by the flange there is facility to put the O2 sensor for each bank.

There is a distinct difference in terms of the tuned length of the engine pipe.  The problem here although is the big mandrel coming off the rear pipe nearly hits the control arm bracket.

You will see here what I mean.  Although the pic is not the bese the section down the middle is the arm mount.



Madmagna : Monday, 25. August 2003 21:27:57