Diamante Headlight Conversion

First things first, I must give credit to and also thank Killbilly for the information provided in this article.  Although this conversion may have been done before killbilly is the first one in my knowledge to have done the whole front end conversion and at the same time been willing to take the time to show the rest of us how to do this the right and easy way.

This article has been written to show you what is involved in changing the front headlights, grille and corner markers in your TR/S Magna or Verada.

What you will need

Parts you will need

This article will be divided into 3 stages to make it easier to follow:

1) Removing the original lights

2) Preparing the Diamante lights

3) Fitting the Diamante lights and grille

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Stage 1: Removing the original lights:

First open the bonnet, and remove the original grille. To do this you must flick the little black clips towards the openings and then the grille should just pull out.  If it doesn't, make sure all the clips are pushed back fully and give it a bit of force. Don't worry you won't break it easily, it's pretty tough.

Once this step is done, it's on to removing the indicator. Next to the edge of the light assembly there is a clip where the indicator clicks into the light. This has to be unclipped, but before that...there is a small metal clip that is sitting on the before-mentioned clip. Pull this out (you won't be needing this again after the new lights, grille and indicators).

Now pull out the indicators (just get your hand behind them and pull them out, firmly but be careful not to catch your finger on any jagged bits of metal from the body)

With everything going well, you're going to have to grab that ratchet and the 10mm socket. You'll see 2 bolts on the inner side of the light (where the grille used to be), undo them, and the 2 on the other side where the indicator was covering. Be careful not to lose ANY of these bolts or nuts.

Pull the light out slightly (sometimes they are a bit stubborn, just wiggle them around a bit, they will come out, pull it from the inner side and take it out that way) and disconnect the plugs.

Do the same for the other side and it's on to the 2nd stage

Stage 2: Preparing the Diamante Lights

The Diamante lights bolt straight in, no problems. BUT the problems arise when you go to plug everything in.

Firstly you must cut off the plug that powers the parkers on the Diamante lights (leaving plenty of wire spare!) and cut off the plug from your orignal lights. Now you have to solder the plug from your original lights onto the Diamante lights. The reason being is that the plug from the Diamante lights doesn't connect to the one in your TR/TS Magna.

I highly recommend testing every connection by just twisting the wires together first before actually soldering. This solves any hassles later. Just twist the wires together, plug it in on the car and turn on the lights. If they don't work, switcht the wires around and try again. Unfortunately the wires are both black, so it is a matter of trail-and-error.

Now secondly, the high beam light is not the H1 light that's in the original lights. You have to get a H3 light, still the same wattage though. And you also have set up the earth lead.

With all that done, it's onto the last stage.


Stage 3: Installing the Diamante lights and grille

Ok, here's where it starts to take shape.

Plug the H4, the H3 and the parkers in and slide the light into place. Put the 2 outer-side screws in the holes first and put the light in that way, this should make it much easier to get the light in. Note: On the driver's side it's rather tricky as you have to manoeuvre the light around the wiper bottle. If you want you can take this out and put it back in after.

Bolt everything back up and be careful not to strip the bolts on the inner side, they like to strip easily. Do the same on the other side and it's onto the grille.

Now carefully line up the new Diamante grille to the holes where the old grille was. They should all match up perfectly. If not, simply just give them some direction. But don't snap them!

This should all click in fine. Then you should screw the top of the new grille to the new lights. Where the indicators were, the chrome surround will go, there will be the same spiked bits that slot into the panel.

Now just fit the new indicators in and plug in the globe (uses the same globe as the original indicators) and that's it!

Onto the important final check:

Check all indicators, high and low beams and parkers.

Get a drink, relax and admire you're new sexy headlights.

Suppress the thoughts of leaving your girlfriend (or boyfriend!) for your car because it's so damn sexy now.


Madmagna : Saturday, 12. April 2003 18:49:50