Diagnostic Codes


The picture to the right shows the diagnostic connector located under the right hand side of the dash board.

The ECU will store information about faults in the engine management system.  This information is saved by the ECU for future diagnostics.

While the "Check Engine" light will tell you there is a problem in the EMS a/ it will not tell you what the problem is and b/ it will only light up if there is a constant problem.  To check what the problem may be and to get information from the ECU regarding intermittent problems you need to check for fault codes.

To check these codes you will need a LED test light.  Do to use a conventional bulb as it will draw too much current and may damage the ECU.  As always it pays to have an inline fuse should you make a mistake in connection.


  • Install the test unit between the 2 pins noted above (top left earth, bottom right fault connect output).
  • Turn on the ignition without starting the engine.  The light will flash giving you the codes.  A long flash is value 10 and a short flash is value 1.  ie:  One long flash and 4 short flashes...
    Long = 10
    Short = 4
    Total = 14
    Thus the problem is something to do with the TPS or it's wiring.

Code Item What to look for.
11 Oxygen Sensor Check sensor, the wiring and the connector.
12 MAS Airflow Meter Check Harness, especially where the harness meets with the main loom, Check the unit itself.
12 Intake Air Temp Sensor Check wiring, replace sensor.
14 Throttle Position Switch Check wiring, check to make sure switch is properly set.  Check switch itself.
21 Coolant Temp Sensor Check wiring, test sensor.
22 Crank Angle Sensor Check Wiring, check/replace distributor.
23 Top Dead Centre Sensor Check wiring, check/replace distributor
24 Vehicle Speed Sensor Check wiring, check/replace Vehicle Speed Sensor
25 Barometric Pressure Assy Check Wiring, replace barometric Pressure assy.
31 Knock Sensor Check wiring, replace unit
36 Ignition Timing Disable Signal Check Wiring
41 Injector. Check Wiring, connections and test injector coil resistance
62 (V6) Intake Air Control Valve Position Sensor Check Wiring, and variable intake air control servo, if both ok replace surge tank.
  9 Short Pulses System ok, no faults.

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