Installing the cup holder in your TR/S (KR/S)

Please read before ordering this item.

In order to be able to install this item you must have either a Magna Elite or a Verada XI fitted with climate control.  While fitting is fairly straight forward there is quite a bit involved.


First things first.  You need to remove the dash from the car.  I am sure if you want to fiddle around half the day and get bits of cut and broken plastic all through your car you could skip this step as I tried to but at the end of the day I took mine out which also gave me the opportunity to clean around all the little trim bits while it was out.  To remove the dashboard check the tech page with instructions for doing this.

Part II

Now you have the dash out the fun begins.

Turn the dash upside down on a blanket so as not to scratch the top or do any other damage.
If you try and dummy fit the holder in position you will see that there are 2 sections of plastic frame in the way as well as a metal tag that forms part of the mounting for the hard centre plastic section to the crush pad.  All of this has to be removed.  Firstly remove the nut in the centre.  Then cut the plastic away to make room for the holder to fit in snugly.  You will see in the pic I have left enough plastic for the climate control assy to fit (this also mounts the cup holder) and if you look carefully you will see that I have also left enough plastic for the mounting of the black cover that was removed when the climate control was removed.  I did this mainly should I have to at some stage remove the cup holder and replace the original trim.
This is what had to be removed.  I made sure the holder is a tight fit to the top of the dash to help provide some support.  The climate control will also add some support.  Before you replace the dash into the car do a dummy fit with the cup holder and the climate control unit in place.  Nothing worse than doing all this work and it still does not fit.
This is the dash sitting place with only 2 bolts holding it in.  Had to satisfy my curiosity to see what it looked like mounted LOL  Don't you just love the tilt adjustable steering in these cars?
And the finished product......  
And my little helper, "daddy can I drive this thing yet??????"

Madmagna : Monday, 18. August 2003 23:26:16