Ronnie's Sigma's

CAR   Mitsubishi Sigma   

Above are Ronnie's current car

Above is is the old car.

These 2 pics are Ronnie's Fathers' car.

In Sweden the sigmas was sold whit 2 engines the 3.0 12v 177hp and 3.0 24v 204hp standard on both models are air-conditioning, electric mirrors, windows and antenna

The 3.0 12v didn't have TCL or ECS, not sunroof or electric chairs.

On the 3.0 24v it was standard TCL, ECS, sunroof. only thing that was optional was leather interior

Both were able to get with automatic or manual transmission

You will notice the speedo goes to 240kmh and in Ronnie's car the tacho goes to 9 grand together with the traction control led's under the speedo.

On Ronnie's car the Grille and corners are imported from OZ, in all cases the body is the same as our OZ spec models unlike most European models which are based on the Diamante saloon shape.  i.e.; these cars have the little window behind the rear door in the rear pillar.  They are, as you gathered LHD also.

Ronnie is after a newer model however it seems they are not available in Sweden.

Madmagna : Tuesday, 06. April 2004 00:13:17