Mal's Verada.


1992 Mitsubishi Verada XI

  • Diamante Cup Holder.
  • King Low Springs.
  • Monroe GT Gas.
  • Slotted front rotors.
  • 2 1/4" Cat back exhaust.
  • TJ VRX muffler.
  • Have wired up the rear boot lights to operate as brake lights. (in some Magna's and Verada's these are only reflectors).
  • New Urethane bushes through out front suspension components.
  • Window Tinting.
  • Boot Fitted Neon.
  • Interior Neons
  • Ultrasonic alarm system.
  • JVC MP3 Head unit

  • 6x9 Kicker rear shelf speakers

  • 5: Splits in Front

  • Audio Bose MB-1200 1200w 4 channel amp

  • Audioline 300 w x 2 Amp

  • JL 12" Sub


Here it is the day I first spotted it.  I had looked at a couple of pigs but although this one was a few months older and had no ABS it was very tidy and also genuine.

And here she is lowered.  Would have been good to go a bit lower however had no ground clearance :(  I will not show any pics of the tinting at this stage as it has yet to be redone.  I can not say the name of the company as they will sue me :) however what I can say is that a company with the name of a very high university degree should not have to have many attempts to fit and fix tint and still have it peeling off :(

This is the Diamante Headlight, Grille and Indicator set.  I have decided to stick with the Verada bumper as the US Diamante DOHC version has this bumper as well.


This is something you will not see in many AU spec TR/s or KR/s Magna's and Verada's

The head unit is a JVC MP3 Player.  It is a great unit, plays MP3 on CDRW fine so I can change my disks as often as I like.

17 x 7 ROH Adrenalin's

I like to try and keep the car clean as possible.  You do not find many cars of this age with engine bays this clean.

The exhaust I made my self.  Took a little longer than the pro's however I think I have ended up with a better result due to being able to take the time to do a good job.

And On the topic of keeping the boot usable.....................

Madmagna : Friday, 12. November 2004 22:31:43