This Galant is one I spotted in Indonesia while I was there in October this year (2003).  It would be fair to say that this is one of the neatest Mitsubishi's that I have seen first hand (not just in pics).

The owners attention to detail is fantastic to the point where these pics do not do the car justice.  Personally I am not much on car graphics however each to his or her own in that department.

The sound system is brilliant, scroll down and have a look in the boot.  The attention to detail is great, right down to allowing for the boot hinges, the boot floor and access for the spare wheel which in Indonesia you defiantly want to have.

The interior is a very comfortable lay out, in a lot of ways I feel it to be better than some Magna's or Verada's. 

Some might note the car is not lowered which to most of us seems strange.  The roads in Indonesia will not allow a car to be lowered without it hitting everything.  Most of our cars would not be able to leave the toll way lol.

While there I got a price for a new Lancer, GLX or their equivalent.  About au $40k.  Pajero, about au $200K+.  Maybe our Magna's and Lancers do still have good resale value, just not here lol

To the owner of this car thanks for allowing me to take these pics, not many people would allow a total stranger to just walk up and start snapping their car.

Terima kasih untik pemilik mobil ini karena telah mengijinkan saya untuk mengambil foto ini, tidak semua orang mengijinkan orang yang tidak mereka kenal untuk mengambil foto mobil mereka begitu saja. Kalo ada teman anda yang mempunyai mobil Mitsubishi yang telah dimodifikasi, silahkan email saya.

Madmagna : Friday, 17. October 2003 20:43:33