The HkWay (Chris)

CAR       1991 Magna -- 1991 Magna ()replacement car)
MODS      Vehicle has had ground up rebuild after accident

First he broke it!!!!!

This little trick took out not only the rear end but split the boot floor, lifted the quater panels from the inner guards, jammed up the rear doors.  Look at the towbar!!!!!

The new car has just arrived from the wrecker, this was after a bit of a clean up!

After a clean up it was time to get started on getting it the same colour as the old car.

Boot lid obtained and painted inside.

And then the first few precious base cotes go on.  the door jams and boot lip gets painted in colour.

Now to get some colour on it.

And and engine would help.

And now for our last trick, lets make it a car again.


Madmagna : Wednesday, 05. January 2005 18:00:01